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Complaint Training.Com Ltd is dedicated purely to providing complaint handling training and complaint management to all levels of staff.

In our experience we have seen how simple observations from customers can lead to very expensive high level complaints. We have a proven track record of being able to reduce the amount of complaints that escalate from the ‘front line’ staff and increase not only customer loyalty but also staff morale.

We can change your company’s outlook

About Us

We are a team of experienced contact centre, retail and training managers with many years experience in both business and training environments.

We also share years of frustration at the lack of training focus on the expensive and time consuming area of complaint handling.  We can change your company’s outlook, at all levels, in this area.

Dedicated to complaint handling

Our Approach

Our company is dedicated purely to complaint handling and complaint management training.

We know from experience that complaining customers can be easily and quickly turned into your most loyal customers and ambassadors for your business. We can instil this approach in to all of your staff.

Lack of training usually means the complaints grow


Many retail outlets have a high staff turnover and temporary or part time staff.  These staff members rarely get simple training on the handling of customers who have complaints.

The lack of training usually means the complaints grow, get out of control and lead to expensive resolutions.  We can provide the simple basic skills for these staff as well as the higher level skill required in supervisory and management levels.

The Desktop Guide to Handling Telephone Complaints by Phil HartThe Desktop Guide to Handling Telephone Complaints by Phil Hart

The Desktop Guide to Handling Telephone Complaints by Phil Hart

The Book

‘Screamer On Line Two’ was written to illustrate not only our ethos but also as a handy desktop guide for all levels of staff.

This book will not train your staff, that has to be designed to your specific needs but it does give a clear insight into our, sometimes radical, approach to the subject of complaint handling.

We can train your staff to deal with complaints, first time, first contact

Contact Centres

Complaint handling in a contact centre environment has its own challenges.

The barrier of no ‘face to face’ contact can mean that a simple observation can turn in to a full blown demand for compensation very quickly.

A lot of leaders and managers time can be taken up in contact centres dealing with these calls.  We can train your staff to deal with these complaints, first time, first contact.

About us

Complaint Training.Com Ltd are dedicated solely to providing complete complaint handling training and complaint management solutions.

We have a proven track record in helping you turn complaining customers into the most loyal customers.

About Complaint Training Ltd

Our approach

In all types of businesses, valuable work hours are deemed as \'lost\' hours while handling customer complaints.  We do not take that approach. 

We understand that as a complaint escalates through different lines of management and empowerment it becomes expensive and harder to resolve. These normally end up with a lost customer and a ‘dent’ in the reputation of the business.

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The retail sales industry is an area, in our experience, where simple product exchanges or refunds can very quickly lead to unnecessary complaints from customers.

People working on a shop floor need slightly different skills than the contact centre workers.  The ethos is the same but the face to face contact provides us with a slightly different dynamic.

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Contact Centres

Complaint handling in environments where there is no face to face contact has its own unique challenges.  We have extensive experience in contact centre work be it telephone, e-mail, web chat or letter.

People act differently when in contact with these environments, almost as if they are expecting a problem before it happens.  Staff also act differently and do not always see the reality of a given situation.

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‘Screamer On Line Two' was written by Complaint Training.Com Ltd Managing Director, Phil Hart, in response to our training.  People found that a desktop guide was very useful to refer to as a reminder of the training received.

It serves very well in representing, in a simple format, our approach to the whole subject of complaint handling as is designed to appeal to all levels of staff from customer facing through to business owners.

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